About admini

Manage your own accounting and cut overhead

  • Self-enter all transactions
  • Manage and understand your own accounting
  • Cut your overhead and be in control yourself
  • Easy to understand, no difficult jargon
  • Monitor how your business is doing on the fly

Why do we care?

We've been business for well over 25 years and we found out that many bookkeepers and accountants want to believe that accounting is complex and for experts only. We don't agree. We believe that it has been made more and more complex by accountants and bookkeepers. We also believe that most accounting software is far too complex than it should be. Ask your tax office what the requirements are for your accounting. They will tell you that your business administration has to be organized, that's all. Try Admini for free and experience the ease of use yourself.

We need your feedback!

Many new features and improvements come through feedback of our users. We would appreciate it very much if you could contribute to this as well and share your opinion and feedback about Admini with us. Mail us now!